Carrion Crown (The Monsters Defend the Beast!)

The Evening Journey






The Gathering and the telling
Morast, what they found

The star witness Lazne, Lead the Mob that chased down the beast. He also claims he saw a Blood Caiman attack and assumed the beast dead.

The beast only took lone villagers who wandered around at night
After a while he started attacking houses
That’s when he lead the mob that chased the beast out
He claims the beast was 7 ft tall, they wounded him and forced him to the water where the the Blood Caiman.
He said that the beast swore and cursed as it was drug under the water.
He tells of the abandoned bone yard

The bone yard
Found Manticore, Killed
6 graves that have been tampered with
Found old campsite w/ vial of darkvision
Found : Detached human face, moldy travel bag, a sac with a rope, gag, blood stained knives, rusty shovel, leather case of fine tools

Caiman attack should have left scares, beast has no scares
beast has darkvision and would not need a potion
The face belonged to a poacher who has not been seen since the beast attack
Traced the Tools to Master Vorstag

Facts and evidence presented to Court, A bit of rest and a warning from Drovic girlfriend ends this session

The Trial of the Beast
Episode 1

The story begins in a rather odd place. Each having fallen asleep in a nice, safe, warm bed Our unlikely band of heros awakes in a stone chamber.
They get tangled in some vines, Run an award maze, Fight off a siren, Our Drow stopped a potentially hazardous fight with a Were-bear who was afraid that they would kill her cub, all while figuring out which door lead to which hall.

Shandra the friendly brownie helped them out with a few words of advice to the Tiefling and taking away the cures on the pearls.

She even dropped them in a nice safe grove, so essentially they were lost.
Wandering and arguing a bit they stumbled on a ruined house. Using all caution and stealth they could muster, they stumbled upon 13 dolls. All seeming old and near ruins.
Kaleb noticed one doll seemed to be watching them.

“Hello” came a haunting girlish voice. Each member brought their weapons to bear. Some conversation and they learned her name was Magna, all she could remember was waking up on the “Dark Day” . She had no one to talk to or play with and took a liking to our Karnor the 1/2 orc. He was non to thrilled but let her sit in his pack as they walked.

Finally finding a road our party sets off. Off in the distance they can see a fire, looks like a camp fire! Then they hear the arguing and the crying and ..Howling?

The Crooked Kin- A travling band heading to Lepidstadt to make a few coins. One of them has wandered off and now that it is dark, the Kin fear for her safety.

Our Heroes plunge in, following the tracks, encounter a phase spider, find the body, notice a swarm of army ants, and head back with the grim news.

Magna decides to stay with the Kin and the troop leader (kowing how special she is) promises to take good care of her.

At the request of the Kaleb the group travles the rest of the way to Lepidstadt.

Drovic goes to visit his human lover, Akina (a Garundi), The Palidian tries to mingle and is quickly seen as a demon. Women scream and hide the childern, and what does out Kalub do? He looks to Dulgren and says “That is not nice, He is just a dwarf!”

Our hero’s pick up the job of collecting evidence and defending the beast.
They inspect the sceen of the crime and realize that the Beast could not have taken such a delicate object with out destroying the case.

After a bit of chatter they head out to meet the beast, they find him being mishandled by the guards and proceeded to “Teach them a lesson.”

Talking to the beast he is a child like monster, after a few questions, the group decides that they will seek out evidence and help him.

Clues found so far

Back door forced from out side
Heavy boot tracks
Smell of Beeswax
Deep scratches on the Wooden rail
Something heavy Landed/fell here
One window has no grim and has been opened

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